XFC Tryouts

Thank you for your registration and desire to be an athlete on the XFC roster.

We are analyzing each application and if it’s a good fit we will designate your tryout location, time for arrival and competition class soon. Due to the high volume of applications, a response may take some time if selected. We are committed to analyzing each registrant prior to the competition to ensure every athlete receives specific attention to their skillset and experience. 

Chosen applicants will receive a confirmation email confirming their participation and containing information regarding requirements and equipment needs for each fighter for the day of the XFC Tryout, as well as the schedule for the day.

Due to the current pandemic, all attendees will be required to wear a mask upon entering the facilities (no exceptions). All athletes will also be subject to a temperature test prior to entering the facilities. Guests will not be allowed in the facility, however weather pending, doors may be open to view from a distance.