XFC International 8 Highlights: Ending 2014 with a KO! #XFCFlashback

We ended 2014 with a knockout; XFC International 8 on Dec. 13, 2014 under the bright lights in Sao Paulo.

Check out these highlights for a taste of the action, featuring Egypt’s Mohamed Hassan Badawy (8-2) vs. Brazil’s Alex Franco (2-1), Brazil’s Willian Cilli (9-2) vs. Brazil’s Luiz Henrique (5-2), Brazil’s Guilherme Faria (12-5) vs. Mexico’s Carlos Torres, Colombia’s Ranfi Rivas (2-1) vs. Ecuador’s Gioanny Arroyo (2-2), and Brazil’s Missael Silva (10-2) vs. USA’s Paata Robakidze (24-5).

XFC 43 goes down Nov. 11, 2020 in Atlanta, LIVE on NBC Sports Network.

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