Counting down the six greatest fighters to enter the XFC Hexagon: Júnior Assunção

Whenever Júnior Assunção stepped into the XFC Hexagon, the energy at the venue changed.


Everyone in attendance knew they were on the verge of witnessing something special. And, although he only fought twice for XFC, the former XFC Lightweight Champion has enshrined himself as one of the most memorable fighters to ever step in the Hexagon.


XFC President Myron Molotky agrees with that assessment wholeheartedly. 


“When we talk about XFC Royalty, Júnior Assunção is clearly one of the most accomplished athletes to ever compete in the XFC Hexagon. As an XFC Ambassador, Júnior has been a part of the XFC familia for many years. Júnior is hosting the XFC USA Southeast Tryouts in Atlanta on Nov. 7, and we are grateful for his continued efforts to share his passion for the XFC brand while providing opportunity for future XFC hopefuls.”